OH NO I’m naked!


As a guy whose butt pics are very close to his heart, running the minefield of what is acceptable content on sites like Facebook and Instagram has been a full-time occupation. My restraint has on occasions taken super human effort.

My original blog was on Google Blogger and although I had a strict no Porn rule and there were no explicit pics on the site I was very nearly shut down. The problem was that what I saw as a cheeky butt pic others saw as inappropriate and even pornographic. With the torrent of Female images flooding social media it’s clear to me that what is really the problem is that mens butt pics are too “Gay” but also that some male cultures are feeling the same loss of power over their body image that woman have been feeling for centuries and they don’t like it.

Now I’m not going to use this post cry poor little gay boy, but when legitimate photographers of the male physique are having their accounts deleted or images censored it begs the question why?

Obviously the line between art and porn can be blurred but there is clear double standard when a womans thong is okay but a mans jockstrap is not. The amount of visible real estate is the same so it must be the culture that’s the issue.

There’s a culture of seeing a mans body as something that is still taboo. Womans bodies are objectifed in mainstream culture because guys like to see tits and arse. Men are visual creatures, the Gay community has built an entire culture around objectifying mens bodies and I am under no illusions about the part I have played in this.

I once heard homophobia described as the fear that “A gay man will treat you the same way you treat Woman”. On the surface this kind of makes sense.

I’m probably one voice ranting against the storm here but,

the simple fact is I like to look and I like to be looked at. When I see a hot Instagram boy I put my hand down my pants and pull my cock same as any straight boy with a Victoria Secrets catalogue, don’t I deserve to be happy too?



4 thoughts on “OH NO I’m naked!

  • July 11, 2015 at 3:17 pm

    I agree with you that a photo of a man’s bum should be as acceptable as one of a woman’s. A man in a jockstrap should be as acceptable as a woman in a thong.

    Where I think we disagree is over where to draw the line between pornography and art. My understanding of “pornography” is that it is something intended to turn the person depicted into an object for the pleasure of the viewer. You write, “When I see a hot Instagram boy I put my hand down my pants and pull my cock same as any straight boy with a Victoria Secrets catalogue, don’t I deserve to be happy too?” I would say that if the purpose of the picture (or video, or writing) is to induce someone to put his hand down his pants and pull his cock (or elicit an equivalent reaction from a woman) it’s pornography. My view is that we shouldn’t be “using” other people for our personal pleasure, and if someone intends to profit by using a person in a way that leads other people to use the person (rather than admiring the person’s beauty, just as one might admire a landscape or a cloud formation) it’s pornography.

    As for the Victoria’s Secret catalogue (which I haven’t seen, my question would be whether the pictures are appropriate simply for the purpose of letting prospective customers know what is available, or are they deliberately made more provocative than necessary.

    Of course, there is a wide range of degrees of sensitivity among people. What one person can see with no reaction can bring another to jizz in his pants. The artist can’t be responsible for the reactions of the unusually susceptible. It’s a question of what sort of result he’s expecting and hoping for among most viewers.

    BTW, I find your picture beautiful, but not arousing. I think it would be a blatant double standard for social media to find it unacceptable but not a comparable picture of a woman from the rear. Maybe both should be forbidden, by my standards, but “sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”

  • July 11, 2015 at 3:56 pm

    Well said Shannon, yes you deserve to be happy too as we all do. There is definitely something amiss here. Be safe and well babe XX

  • July 12, 2015 at 5:00 pm

    butt pics are allowed on instagram, they gave up. lol. I believe their is a difference between what is art and porn. occasionally you have posted something that shows a little bit of your cock, which is hot as hell. but its not down in a pornographic way. I believe you can do artistic nudes where the male model has an erection. it’s all in the pose and what the photographer is trying to say in their art.

    If you posted a video of you walking threw your house and we saw cock, its art. if you post a video walking threw your house with an erection its still art. even if you laid there and masturbated, depending on how it’s filmed even a cum shot can be artistic. post what you want how you want. don’t ever be held back. if there is ever anything that you think is to risky post it on here. we love you, adore you, support you and love your photos and videos. don’t hold back!!!

  • July 12, 2015 at 10:31 pm

    Though i’ve seen some girls posting a few pictures which they are showing more, and yet haven’t been taking down, i think half of the issue is that some people report pictures that do not deserve to be taken down etc. And probably the postings and which maybe should have a warning of 18 and plus have to hit accept and up should be on more sites so these posts being taken down doesn’t happen.


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