Made it through crazy week, now I’m in Sydney.


So the craziness of the last 7 days is done and I’m in Sydney. I slept like a baby last night. Working 3pm til 1am seven nights in a row was a killer. Helping to run an event for thousands of people is like riding an out of control freight train through a burning building while doing handstands. But we made it through and it feels good.

Now I am in Sydney for a friends wedding and I am surprisingly excited to be here. I have a couple of catch ups with members of Team Space Time Traveller and I want to try to get out to Bondi. The wedding is on a bout around the harbor and ill be staying with friends. All the best parts of Sydney are going to be crammed in to this week, then I’m home on Saturday and off to my favorite fetish party to wind down and be bad.

Gay marriage isn’t legal in Australia yet but that isn’t going to stop us. As one of our LGBTI politicians has said “I know what my family is worth”. Nobody can tell us we are “less than” unless we choose to believe it.

So expect lots of Sydney photos and stories. Phew.

I’m off for lunch, gotta get back on that freight train.

Happiness and Abundance to you all my friends.



2 thoughts on “Made it through crazy week, now I’m in Sydney.

  • January 23, 2014 at 2:07 am

    I hope to hear more about that fetish party. 😉


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