Lamington National Park Binna Burra.

Rosins lookout

 My wanderlust today took me on a drive back in to the Goldcoast Hinterland and up to Lamington National Park.

I decided to take a trip up to Binna Burra, I had no idea what was up there, I just picked it because I haven’t been there yet.

It’s probably the best trip I have made yet. It’s not very far from the Goldcoast and you can get out there in around an hour. Once you get in to the Hinterland the journey takes you through some really beautiful country roads with some really spectacular views.

I headed out from Helensvale and down the M1 before jumping off at Nerang and approaching Binna Burra through Beechmont. The roads are narrow and with steep inclines on some sides and as they weave their way through the hills you’ll have to pay close attention to the road.

The drive reminded me a lot of the Dandenong Hills where I grew up before they got all crazy with tourist buses, wanky antique shops and Devonshire tea houses. Quiet sleepy hamlets dot the countryside and the grass grows right up to the edge of the asphalt. It’s charming and beautiful all at the same time.

Beechmont Rd

When I arrived up at the park I was a little lost but it didn’t take me long to find some really decent looking walking tracks. Most of the tracks need a half day or a full day to check them out so I’ll have to come back up here earlier in the day next time. There are a couple of short walks like the Bellbird lookout which is about 1.5 kms in to the bush. I’ll have to do the falls next time.

On the drive up most of the views were obscured by trees and there are very few safe places to stop along the road. Discovering the Bellbird track was awesome because I finally got a decent look at the valley below and a chance to give the camera a workout.



The view towards the Goldcoast from the Bellbird lookout. You can just see the Hinge Dam in the distance and the white towers of the city.

On the Goldcoast at this time of year the sun sets early and it’s usually getting low by around 4.30 in the afternoon so if your going to head out bush leave plenty of time to get back and if you start off down hill don’t forget it will take longer to climb back up.

Finally if you do decide to follow and check out Binna Burra yourself I highly recommend heading home via Beechmont rd through lower Beechmont. there is a little picnic area called Rosins Lookout which has the most spectacular view of the valley I have ever seen.

The view from Rosins lookout.

 So that was todays adventure, I’ll be back here for sure. I think the Ballanjui falls will be next.

2 thoughts on “Lamington National Park Binna Burra.

  • May 22, 2015 at 10:05 pm

    Looks really good.

  • May 23, 2015 at 9:16 pm

    This place look awesome!


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