>I’ve met a guy that I really like but find myself extremely nervous in asking him out on a date. Any advice on how to get over these jitters?


Firstly it’s very normal to be feeling this way. Everybody fears rejection. I think that you should go for it. It’s easier to say than do and I am guilty of chickening out on many many occasions myself.

I would suggest that maybe you should just start by striking up a conversation. I find a great question to open with is “so do you like cheese?”. I think if you are nervous then try to pick a time and place that is safe for you. By this I mean do it somewhere that you feel comfortable, kind of like giving yourself the home ground advantage.

Next I would suggest that you ask him out to do something that is not too heavy to begin with. Don’t open with “would you like to meet my parents, my future husband”.

I suggest a movie. Movies are non threatening and make for great conversation after. If things go well you can suggest coffee after and just take it from there.

Whatever happens, the reason we get nervous is because we are afraid they will say no, rejection isn’t easy but try not to take it personally. We all have people we are not attracted to in “that way” it doesn’t mean we think they are bad people. Be brave and be bold. It sounds corny but it is a Universal truth that he who dares, WINS!

Lastly not everyone you date will be the “one”. The dating game is all about finding that special person, you need to get out there and see what the world has to offer. Each date you go on will help you discover more about yourself and what it is you are looking for, learn from each experience and when the “one” finally does come along hopefully you will be able to recognise it.


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