Ireland just elected it’s first openly Gay Prime Minister.

PHOTO: Supporters have compared Leo Varadkar to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. (Reuters: Clodagh Kilcoyne)

Ireland again has proved just how far ahead it is of Australia by electing it’s first openly Gay PM who also happens to be the son of an Indian immigrant.

Whether you agree with his politics or not this a great step and an inspiration for all LGBTI and Immigrant people that you can be and do great things.

Learn more and follow the link to Youtube.

One thought on “Ireland just elected it’s first openly Gay Prime Minister.

  • June 4, 2017 at 2:45 am

    Speaking as an Irish gay person, I couldn’t care less if he is gay or not. His toxic policies are not worth the milestone. I’d rather loose a limb then have him as the leader of my country.


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