Holiday abs.


I’ve eaten way too much junk… waaaaayyy too much. Gingerbread houses, BBQ shapes, jelly beans, pizza, instant noodles and drunk lots of wine, it’s awesome.

My Christmas abs are still on point though so I’m not too bummed LOL.

My first Christmas in London has been a success I think. I spent last night drinking and singing badly with Aussie friends and today ( Boxing day ) I think we have a StarWars marathon and more eating and drinking planned. As far as Christmas’s away from home go this isn’t too bad. My landlady even gave me a new scarf and a big hug but then I’ve always been popular with the 50+ female demographic, Mums love me, and sometimes Daddy’s too 😉

At this time of year we always hear, “oh I’m gonna get fat”. We Gay men can obsess over making sure that we don’t over indulge or eat too much, drink too much or have fun too much. This time of year can be rife with guilt and self loathing.

I say fuck it!

Maybe it’s just because I’m a little bit older now and sick of all the calorie counting but food should never be a source shame and enjoying it with your friends should never make you feel guilty. All things in moderation all the time is boring and leaves you more likely to binge when you shouldn’t.

Eat drink and be merry and don’t apologise for it. We are what we eat and protein farts smell just as bad as turkey farts so why not enjoy it with mash, gravy and a nap I say.

Fuck your abs and fuck moderation.

Merry Christmas and happy new year.


2 thoughts on “Holiday abs.

  • December 26, 2015 at 7:39 pm

    good, there are times in your life that watching of you eat goes on the back burner. Well this time of year is one of them.

  • January 3, 2016 at 9:03 pm

    your quote “I’ve always been popular with the 50+ female demographic, Mums love me, and sometimes Daddy’s to” I can put my hand up there and say “hello son” 🙂 yes i’m in that demographic, gay 55 male and proud. As for the food eating this time of year yep go for it. Just drink in moderation. Cheers Shannon babe XXX


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