I got another pair of Groovin briefs in the mail last week. This time they are yellow. I love these briefs and this brand heaps so thank you to the person who sent them. They a bit see-through in the light.

The material is a spandex blend that feels like its sprayed on and stretches really nicely. Often with tight underwear there is chaffing but these stretch and slide so nicely that it isn’t a problem.

They are a super low cut and have no waistband so expect them to sit very low. They won’t peak over your low rise or skinny jeans and can make you look like your wearing no underwear at all 😛

Jusrt sliding these on was enough to make me horny and when you feel the material slide over your skin while you move around I promise you will love them.

Check out the Groovin Briefs website for more of their gear and check out my wishlist here.

Woof, I can’t wait to wear these under my workout shorts.

If you wanna see more click here.




One thought on “Golden

  • February 15, 2016 at 12:03 am

    This is a good color on you.


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