Gay 101. When does online flirting become harassment!

Following on from my last post about sexting I thought I’d take a look at when online flirting becomes harassment.

When should you stop and how do you stop unwanted sexting?

Flirting and sexting online is fun but when it becomes a never ending torrent of hi, hi, hi, hi , hi how are you, how are you? hi, what are you doing, hi… it’s become harrasment and you need to stop.

Dating apps and websites are well known for their creepers and trolls. I think at some point we have all been one or the other. Learning how to behave online is important especially now that revenge porn laws and harassment laws are increasingly catching up with our online behaviour.  But behaving properly online is about not being a DICKHEAD as much as it is about the law.

Knowing when to stop is important.

A bit of common sense should apply here. 

It’s okay if you don’t get a response the first time to try again once or even twice. I know there have been times when I’ve not replied simply because I’ve gotten distracted by something or someone, but if you don’t get a response after that STOP. Messaging them over and over day after day is harassment.

If you know they have multiple profiles and they don’t respond, block you or ignore you on one App it’s not okay to hunt them down on others and continue to message them.

A failure to respond does not mean that it’s okay to continue until they do. Read the room folks. Okay it might be shitty to be ignored but at some point you need to accept that somebody doesn’t want to speak to you.

It’s your responsibility to regulate your own behaviour. Just because they don’t block you doesn’t mean you have permission to continually message them.

On the flip side if you are on the receiving end of a never ending stream of Hi, hello, sups? from a nuisance profile then don’t be a DICK either. Leaving a person hanging or ignoring them is rude and if we’re honest with ourselves we have all done it.

Be polite, say no thank you and then if they continue block them. Most people get the message after a while if you’re not interested and they move on, but there are those who will persist and then I recommend that you make use of the features provided to you to regulate who is able to see and speak to you.

Have your own suggestions about how to deal with nuisance profiles online? Leave a comment.




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