The view of Barcelona from Castell de Montjuic

Barcelona is one of the cities that I have been wanting to visit for a long time. It’s one of the places that I have always heard about from friends and family as one of the places to see. I didn’t really know much about the city and had to do some quick research before I booked. All I really knew was that I wanted to go anywhere that was warmer than London.

I booked my Barcelona accommodation using MRBNB the Gay friendly version of AIRBNB. My room was in the the gay district and a reasonable walk from many of the sites that I wanted to see. My host and his partner are HOT and I finally got to see some sunshine. I will admit to wasting a couple of hours on that first day curled up in a sun beam on the bed.

Not wanting to waste too much time I have been moving around a lot over the last 4 days and enjoying many of the sites that Barcelona has to offer. I have discovered that I really like the hop on, hop off bus tours. Barcelona is far too big and it’s attractions are far to spread out to be able to walk around and see them all like I did in the cities in France. The hop on, hop off busses offer a really great way to see the city.

The people here are also really friendly and welcoming and after being in the city less than 24 hours I had already made a friend. We all giggle about Grindr but when you are a traveller is can be invaluable especially when you are on your own. Being able to connect with somebody else who can play guide and show you around makes a huge difference especially when you don’t speak the language.

Inside the courtyard of Castell de Montjuic
One of the coastal guns defending the port of Barcelona.


On my list of things to see in BCN La Sagrda Familia, Castell de Montjuic, Pavello Mies Van Der Rohe and as many Gaudi buildings as possible were at the top. La Sagrada Familia is absolutely stunning and I am saving it for a post of it’s own, but I hope you enjoy some of my shots from the Fortress. Spains History has been violent and bloody on many occasions and quite recently too. My guide and new friend described what it was like living under Franco and took me to some of the places where there are still reminders of that time scared in to the city itself.

I’ll be sharing more of my time in Barcelona over the coming days.

To find out more about Castell De Montjuic click here

A chapel in the Gothic area of the city where executions took place after the battle of Barcelona during the Spanish civil war.

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