Arion Adventure. Fraser Island at last!

arion154After just over 5 weeks onboard Arion and almost 2 weeks after leaving the Whitsunday’s on the journey south we finally arrived at our destination Fraser Island.

arion149Both the Skipper and I have been looking forward to reaching our goal. I have been looking forward to arriving here because it not only signals the conclusion of our journey but it also comes with a strong sense of achievement. Sailing around the Whitsunday’s was a great experience but accomplishing a longer journey with a distant destination and seeing a whole lot of places that I hadn’t seen before has been a really great buzz, and to top it off we were escorted in again by another pod of dolphins that decided to come and play in and around the waves as we sailed in.

Arriving at Fraser Island has had it’s disappointments though. The Walk to Lake MacKenzie which was to have been the book end and the final achievement for the trip is closed due to bushfire danger. The lake is beautiful and I am really disappointed that what has been such a huge focus for my trip and the main motivation for making the journey south is just out of my grasp. Still there have been many other things to do here and while I did get the shits for a little while, I managed to shake them off fairly quickly.

arion152The King Fisher Bay resort is quite large and there are some very nice short walks around it. After the wild terrain of the Whitsundays and The Keppels I was a little disappointed to see some pretty ugly plastic fencing around the resort and it’s surrounding areas. The Dingos and the danger they pose to tourists around the resort means that many areas are fenced but not much imagination has been given to maintaining the integrity of the environment. The fencing and facilities are quite ugly, still it was a nice place to use as a base and is friendly to yachties who quite often stop by and use the resort facilities to shower and enjoy the cafe and bar. It was nice to have a swim in the pool and relax for a change, most of the swimming I have done has been on the beaches and only in the shallow areas. Sharks are common in these waters and often the water while cool and inviting is a no go zone.

Fraser Island is famous because so much of it is made from sand. Infact it is widely considered to be the largest sand island in the world at 120kms long and 24 kms wide. As you sail along the cliffs you can even see the layers of sand that has built up over 750,000 years. It also means than the beaches here are quite beautiful and great to walk on with their soft fine sand. It’s a beautiful place and a real reminder of how incredible the Australia landscape can be.





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    These are some great photos.


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