image2Welcome to the Aussie Space Time Travellers blog.

I’m happy that you have decided to stop by.

I am the Aussie Space Time Traveller. I am an out and proud serial exhibitionist with a soft spot for speedos, jockstraps, Twinks and the sunshine. This blog is a collection of my adventures, musings and occasional mishaps as I make my way through life and the world.

This blog is as much about my mistakes as my successes. It is about issues that are important to me and the LGBTQI community and it is my hope that people will read my blog and come to see that the things we believe make us different are not nearly as great as the things that make us alike.

This blog began over 5 years ago as an online Journal and a way for me to share and stay in touch with my friends around the world. Since then the blog has become a part of my life and I have been happy to share it. The blog has brought me great opportunity and allowed me to travel and work in places that I would never have dreamed possible. It has allowed me to make friends all around the world, and at times in my life when things seemed truly awful the support I received from my blog buddies across the globe got me through.

I expect the blog to continue to evolve as I do, and I am looking forward to writing for a long time to come.

Happiness, abundance and infinite love to you my friend.