Reindeer burgers in Birmingham.


I took the train out to Birmingham today for a quick tour and a coffee with fellow space time traveller Daniel who offered to show me a little bit of the city. The train journey out to Birmingham took about two hours and was a taste of what is in store for me over the next few days as I take to the rails to visit York and Edinburgh.

It takes me a little bit of time to build up the steam needed to do things when I am nervous and believe it or not traveling can still be one of those things. I’ve been planning my rail adventure for some time and eventually it got to the point where I had to say to myself “just go for it”. I use “planning” sometimes as a way to put off the things that I want to do but am nervous about. Then when I finally get going I usually end up winging it anyway, go figure!

The idea of travel by rail around the UK is a romantic one and I wasn’t disappointed as the countryside zoomed past me. The rolling hills, golden leaves and green fields were all what I expected them to be an evoked the dreams of castles, knights and King Arthur that I has as a kid. You don’t see old castle ruins next to the train tracks back home in Australia… that’s for sure.


Birmingham was a treat because I had absolutely no idea of what to expect. Although I only had time to see a very small part of it I found it quite charming. The canals have inspired me. Next summer I think i’ll hire a canal boat and see where I end up. The best thing about the visit though was the Christmas village and Market. Christmas in the winter time seems so strange to me, I was surrounded my people in warm winter coats drinking mulled wine and hot chocolate. The Market in all it’s tacky, kitsch, country glory was just what I needed even if the Ostrich and Reindeer burgers seemed a little unappetizing.

I think Birmingham will be one of those cities I come back to for a little bit more time, maybe even at the helm of a canal boat. HEHE

Tomorrow I am off to York and then Edinburgh. If you’re in town get in touch, I’ll be looking for a drinking buddy!




2 thoughts on “Reindeer burgers in Birmingham.

  • November 18, 2014 at 11:33 pm

    Shannon babe, good to hear that you enjoyed the train ride, love trains they can be quite exotic *wink wink*. The canal boats can be fun if you get a chance jump on one and go through one of the many locks its amasing how they work and can be fun. Enjoy the rest of your journey. Be safe xx

  • November 19, 2014 at 7:43 am

    trains are a good way to see the country side. I guess the country side is greener than what you would normally see in OZ. Went from Melbourne to Bendigo and it’s totally different than what you see here in NZ and in the UK.
    Seeing the country via Canel would be cool too.
    So are the buggers like the kangaroo buggers? 🙂
    Nice pictures by the way. Looks like your having fun.


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