Taking the blog back to it’s roots.


Over the next month I will be making changes to the home page format, archiving old posts and returning to a blog feed.

Sadly I don’t have to time to maintain articles for all the different categories and the result is that the site is becoming stale. I based the current format on a lot of the News sites that I saw but without a team of writers submitting content it’s hard to keep the site interesting.

The simpler format should also make it easier to view the site on mobile devices. The members section will still be accessible from the side bar or by scrolling to the bottom of the site if you are using a mobile device.

For the Members I want to make I want to make the feed more spontaneous, where I can post from anywhere any time rather than feeling like I need to put together full article and video.

The goal is to make the blog a bit more intimate and a bit more personal again. I guess we shall see.