Im back in London

I’m back in London and this time it feels different. I’ve been kind of dreading coming back because of all the temptations that London holds for me. Sex and drugs here are way too to find, the days are long and work is stressful, finding a new place to live is a pain and being away from the gym and my family sucks but something this time feels different.

The flight over felt strangely fast like time travelling. One moment I am sitting in my sisters kitchen eating dinner and then wham, a few movies and some bad airline food later and I’m sitting in my mates kitchen in London like I just dropped in for a cup of tea. Yes this trip so far feels different – it’s the first time that coming back to London has felt like coming home. It’s the people, the people make a place. Home is home because of the family and friends you have there and this trip I finally feel like I have a crew here in London with me. Moving to a new city is hard, it’s even harder when you move between cities often. It takes years to build friendships that are lasting and deeper than just the guys you fucked on the last trip or the guy at work you hung out with.

So I’m feeling quite at ease right now and that has caught me by surprise because in the last few weeks leading up to returning I’ve felt anything but at ease. Arriving on a warm sunny day and then heading off to the pub to oogle hot football fans certainly helped – seriously there are some hot fucking thugs in London and I’m looking forward to seeing my fair share of bedroom ceilings.

I feel like I have a new outlook and a new attitude this trip, I’m going to exercise a lot more self care and self awareness and really get in to enjoying my time here again.