A rough week.

Last week I had to say goodbye to my Nanna who passed away while I was in Thailand. We were very close and I almost left Thailand the day after I arrived to be with her in hospital. She was ill but improved and we thought it would be fine for me to stay. Sadly she passed away though and last week was a tough week back here in Melbourne while we prepared for her funeral. It’s why there haven’t been any posts and why I”ve been a little quiet.

My Grandparents are getting quite old now and I feel lucky to have had them for this long. Many of my friends have lost their Grandparents already.

The night that she passed I stayed back in the hotel to wait for the inevitable phone call. After it happened I went down to the pool deck to sit quietly on my own and say goodbye. I was feeling depressed watching a storm cross the sky when a voice in my head told me to go get my camera. I always turn to my camera when I’m feeing down.

I decided to try and shoot the lighting. I’ve never tried it before and the view of the storm was perfect from where I was sitting.

After about 20 minutes shooting I reviewed the shots and this is what I found.

I like to think of it as Nanna saying goodbye, not in the literal sense but the way that we remember the influence a person has had on our lives and that upon touching on those memories we find a piece of them within ourselves.

I still love my Nanna and all that she gave to me and I’ll miss her forever.