Fuck the Mardi Gras diet… Eat the Donut.

Okay so the Mardi Gras parade is coming up this Saturday and and yes I have been hitting the gym pretty hard in preparation. You may have also noticed other people talking about Mardi Gras diets and their own preparation, a friend of mine even posted on Facebook that Sydney right now looks like everyone is on Steroids. I’ve always been pretty clear that working on the way I look and my fitness is rooted as deeply in my own insecurity and vanity as much as it’s about being healthy but I have always tried to measure it against a healthy dose of reality.

Gay Culture particularly around the club and circuit scene is extremely body focussed and I have often felt invisible around crowds of pumped up gym bunnies, I can’t imagine the insecure hell I would feel on an Atlantis Cruise or at a Barcelona circuit party, I often look at their advertising and think “fuck my life”. I’m also aware that my Instagram feed and this blog might raise those feelings in others which is why I’ve always tried to push the message, work out to be healthy not hot.

If your dieting because you want to look like the guy on the cover of Mens Health Magazine then you’ll never be happy because as humans we always want what we don’t have. Even some of the “hottest” guys I know are constantly unhappy with their bodies, comparison will kill you. Whenever I feel myself comparing myself to others I remind myself that I am healthier and happier when I focus on improving my health, strength and fitness rather than saying I want that guys abs. The sense of satisfaction comes from achieving a personal best the way my body looks is the happy bonus.

Thats why I want to take this moment to tell you to in the words of Joel Creasey “EAT THE DONUT”.

Life’s got to be worth living, FUCK the Mardi Gras Diet…

Crash dieting is a waste of your time. Feel good about what you eat and enjoy life. The kind of people who are only interested in you after you have starved yourself for days and berated your self in front of the mirror are probably not worth your time anyway.