I’m fully landed.

I’m fully landed now in Melbourne and it’s good to be back.

After a week getting used to the new time zone and some good sleeps I’m really feeling like I never left the place. The weather here has been a mix of good and cold but thats normal for Melbourne in Spring, I did manage to get my buns out for a couple of days though.

My first day back I tried to stay awake and headed down to the beach to meet with my sister and my new Nephew who was born the week after I left for Melbourne. I’m so glad I got to meet him. He’s had some health troubles and it wasn’t an easy pregnancy for my Sister but they have both pulled through nicely. The rest of my family is doing well and I’m also glad I made it back in time for a few birthdays and parties with friends.

My first night back I headed  out for a Chicken Parma with my BFF Jay. I’d been waiting nearly eight months for a decent chicken dinner and I reckon it tasted just about the best I have ever had. If you want a real slice of Australia hit a local pub for a Pint and a chicken Parma, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Im hitting it hard at the gym now. My two weeks of warm ups are over and I’m back in to meal plans, protein shakes and 6 sessions a week. I’ll be back in peak form for all those solo videos very soon. I’m also chasing some local boys for some sexy encounters for the members section so stay tuned for that as well.

So thats me. I’m back and this summer is going to be proper awesome.