Gay 101. The Douching dilemma. Repost.

Wow, two Gay 101 posts in the same week, how Awesome is this!

Okay fella’s ( and any Gals who happen to be in to it too ). Lets talk about douching since it seems to me that there is a lot of information flying around and my last mention of douching resulted in a few comments about whether it’s needed or healthy.

Firstly I am not a healthcare professional. I can speak only from personal experience. Anybody with serious questions about the side effects of douching should speak to their Doctor.

If you want to know what douching is do a quick “anal douche” google search. This article is going to discuss some of the pros and cons of anal douching.

Most peoples reaction to the anus is that it’s a dirty, smelly place. In part they are correct. Lets face it, poo smells and it contains any number of bacteria that you don’t really want to play around with. Frankly sex is most enjoyable when you are able to let go of your inhibitions ( NO I am not talking about barebacking now ), and hygiene is one of those inhibitions. Let me say right now that if you are concerned about hygiene then that is completely normal.

So now let’s ask a question now that I get commonly from young gay men about anal sex.

“How can I really get my butt clean (inside and out) before I have sex with my boyfriend or doesn’t it really matter?”

Generally a healthy persons poo is stored deep in the digestive tract and there should not be a significant amount around the anus, however the thought of any poo being present during anal sex is not a pleasant one to most people. Technically it may not really matter that you are clean but personally you and your partner may think otherwise.

How you clean it is a matter of personal choice. A shower with warm water and a mild soap may be enough, I guess you could use baby wipes or a warm wash cloth as well.

Cleaning the inside is a different thing entirely and this is where douching, usually by squirting warm water inside the anus comes in.

Never use anything inside yourself but lukewarm water. It is unnecessary and potentially unhealthy to use soap or cleaners or vinegar or ANY other chemicals/substances. Water is just fine.

Douching is very effective but there are some risks that you should be aware of. You should not be doing it everyday or doing it repetitively.

It removes mucous from the anal lining. This makes it more susceptible to infection, especially HIV. Cuts and abrasions from douching also increase the chances of infection from STD’s and HIV.

Too much flow, too much heat or too frequent douching can irritate the bowel. Only a small amount of water should be used. It is not necessary to “overfill” yourself…and doing so could cause complications such as poor drainage, blockage, and constipation.

It is of no use in safe sex. Douching after sex can push semen or blood further in.

The bacteria in the rectum usually are not a problem for the inserting partner, especially if they use a condom.

Unless you allow a couple of hours prior to sex for any water to drain, you can end up with an embarrassing flow of possibly dirty water.

If you are overly vigourous, you will flush bacteria from the large intestine where they cause no trouble back into the small intestine, where they do.

The advantages of douching are,

It helps to eliminate odors and mess.

Some partners may be turned off if you do not do it.

Like all things to do with Sex… Douching has is pros and cons. It’s up to you to decide whether you think it is necessary. Every individual must decide what they think is appropriate for them and their partner.