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I’ve had a few messages lately asking if I’ll be moving my content over to The site has been exploding over that last few months and I’m even following a few hotties myself over there. I’ve been giving it some thought and checking out just how my content would look over there.

It’s a great platform and it looks like a great way for subscribers to view content on a single site from multiple models. It also looks like a great way of networking with other guys to create content but I prefer to keep content on my own site for the moment. I’ve spent a lot of time building the blog to look and feel a certain way.

Maybe it’s my EGO, but this blog is something more than just tits and arse. I’ve built an identity here for the Aussie Space Time Traveller that I hope has come to mean something to people other than just a place to see me get my kit off. Over the years of blogging I have had emails from people sharing their coming out stories or other person traumas and how this blog has helped them. Okay me having a wank in a Jockstrap isn’t saving lives but it’s all part of a story that I have worked hard to build and share. The members section is as much a part of the Aussie Space Time Travellers identity as any of the writing or other articles.

So for the time being my content will be staying here on my own site. Thanks everyone for continuing to support this blog and for all your feedback.

Love you all