A quick look at the N2N Cotton sport biker

Since my old pyjamas got a hole torn in the back of them I have been looking for some new pyjamas and these N2N cotton sport biker pants available from College Jocks look awesome. I’m really pleased with the style and fit. This pair is a small which fits nicely on my 30″ waist.

They are low rise which is great because some of the high cut versions of this style end up looking saggy and make you look like you have a flat baggy butt. The low rise cut also means that you don’t need thick thighs  or a big booty to look good in them.

The cotton is soft and comfy and there is plenty of room in the front without looking like those over the top pouches that other styles have. These are definitely something I can see myself wearing to the gym, running or cycling in the future.

I suspect they will stretch eventually and fall out of shape but all styles like this do eventually. The important thing is how long they will last before they become unwearable. As always the test of a good pair of shorts or underwear is if they make you hard when you put them on and these definitely do that.

These get Five Cocks up from me LOL.

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