Revisiting the Whitsundays


Last weekend my friend Jay and I decided to head up to Queensland to see the Great Barrier reef.

I’ve been up to the Whitsunday Islands a few times now but I’ve never been out to see the reef and it’s incredible array of wild life. Sadly climate change is causing the reef to die in some places. As one of the great natural wonders of the world it’s a tragic loss for all mankind. The reef is not only vast covering 900 islands it also comprises over 2900 individual reefs stretching over 344,400 km2. It is the largest living thing on earth and can be seen from space as it stretches over 2300 km along the eastern coast of Australia.


Before we went to see the reef we decided to spend a day looking around the Islands and I wanted to show Jay Whitehaven beach. Those of you who read about my adventures aboard the Arion will remember the last time I was there. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches on earth and famous for its white sand which is the purest on earth. The sand changes with every tide and is never the same twice. The beach is only accessible by boat and is subject to the strictest conservation rules.

It felt so good to be out in the sun with the salt in my hair and the sand between my toes.


After a buffet lunch onboard the boat we decided to go for a wander around with the camera. The stunning beauty of the area makes for some great photo opportunities and with relatively few people on the beach it wasn’t too difficult to get quietly beautiful shots.

If you ever get to Whitehaven Beach make sure that you pack a seriously good sunscreen and some good sunglasses. The light of the sand is intense and even I with my olive skin and 30+ sunscreen I managed to get a little burn.