Roll your sleeves up.


A fashion tip from the unfashionable.

The hardest thing for me when I’m shopping for clothes is finding styles I like that fit me.

Most people under 5’8 that I know have similar issues. So when I do find something that I like I usually buy it straight away.

As soon as I saw this Sweathog sweatshirt at Shag on Chapel St in Melbourne I had to have it but when I tried it on I was a little unsure. To be honest it looked like I was wearing a kite. The problem was the sleeves. They were too big for my arms and and looked like wings.

The shop assistant noticed that I was disappointed and told me to roll up the sleeves. BAM! Great advice. With the sleeves rolled up it was exactly what I was looking for. Rolling up the sleeves made the whole thing fit just right.

Smaller sleeves show off your arms and stop that horrible flapping around that less well fitted t’s have. It’s also scientifically proven that a guy with rolled up sleeves is instantly 22.5% hotter.

So if you’re like me and get stuck all the time with t-shirts ( or shirts ) that look a little NQR try rolling the sleeves up. It’s a great tip.