Super busy


Hi all,

This week has been super busy.

I’m wrapping up work and getting ready to move back to Australia. I still have a few weeks here but I have to leave my current place tonight. It’s a shame because I love my room but I’ll be staying with a BFF for a few more weeks before I head off.

I’ve gotten moving down to a fine art so it’s not too stressful but packing and getting things shifted around London is a pain because it takes so long to get anywhere. Tonight will be my last night in my current place and then it’s off to Gays Central in Vauxhall.

You can still expect lots of posts but the blog may be quiet for a few days while I get myself sorted out. Normally I plan ahead and have a few posts up my sleeve but I’ve just been too busy even for that.

I’ll be back again soon after I get settled again.