Hero of the week, Imram Yousuf.

IMRAN YOUSUF_cbs.png Hero who saved 70 lives Credit: CBS
IMRAN YOUSUF_cbs.png Hero who saved 70 lives Credit: CBS

Imran Yousuf acted fast after recognising the sound of high-calibre gunfire while he was working as a bouncer at the LGBT club in Florida.

Orlando survivor describes how homophobic gunman spared black people because they ‘suffer enough’

The 24-year-old Hindu, who left the Marines just eight weeks earlier, broke down during an interview, saying: ‘I wish I could have saved more to be honest. There are a lot of people dead.’

Because Yousuf recognised the sounds made by gunman Omar Mateen’s automatic rifle, he realised that if everyone in the club continued to pack into the back room they’d all be trapped with no escape route.

As people filtered in due to the gunfire, Yousuf shouted for somebody nearby to open the back door rather than run to the corners of the venue.

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