A quiet week but still not enough sleep.


Hey there,

Last week was a quiet week on the blog because of work. I had to make a change to night shift and was working 1900 – 0500. It was a long week and as much as I wanted to post I just couldn’t concentrate for most of the week and needed to get my sleep.

Getting a good nights sleep is seriously important. If you are someone who goes to bed late and survives the day on coffee then spend a week going to bed before 9pm and you will understand just how much of a difference it makes. Most nights I’m in bed by 930pm and asleep by 10 at the latest. It makes such a difference to my day and my productivity. It’s also super important if you are training or working out to get good quality sleep because thats when your body repairs itself. I started doing home workouts because I wasn’t getting enough sleep having to get up at 0430 every day to get to the gym by 0500.

I started writing four posts last week and 2 for the members but I quickly realised after constantly having to reedit or fight writers block that I simply didn’t have the concentration to finish them properly. Hopefully I’ll get to them this week. There are articles on how to recover from a big weekend, get over bad days, some more tie-dyed underwear, a video and a bunch of other stuff.

Sweet dreams everybody.