Sticking to your new years resolutions



We are already a month in to 2016 and by now many of us will have made new years resolutions and failed them. Why are some new years resolutions so hard to keep?

I’ve made a lot of new years resolutions over the years, some I have kept and some I have broken. Like most people my resolutions are around changes I want to make like getting fit, finding a boyfriend, changing jobs or other big life goals that I make it a point of achieving for the year.

First the problem is that these goals are so big and so broad in how we can get there that we often don’t know where to start. When we feel like we are failing we get doubly disheartened and demotivated, then we end up at the end of the year toasting away another year wasted. Pick a goal that is a little more specific and focusses your energy. Say to yourself, I want to have a relationship this year so my resolution is to go out with my friends more and meet new people.

Second, we tend to overwhelm ourselves with things that we want to change. When making a resolution I suggest picking one thing to focus on.

With any large goal setting reasonable achievable steps to aim for is important. It’s fine to say this year I’m going to find a relationship but think and be mindful of all the pieces of the puzzle that will fit together to make that goal happen. It’s like making a to do list. I always throw in a few things that are a little easier to cross off because the feeling of making progress helps motivate me.

Make your resolutions things like,

I’m going to go out with my friends more

I’m going to join a team or a club to meet people

Set yourself stepping stones.

Don’t hinge your judgment of success on meeting your goals, measure it by your progress. As long as you are moving forward then you are being successful.

Lastly you can make a change in your life anytime you want, it doesn’t have to be for New Year. We all have aspects of ourselves we want to improve, always remember that you’re a work in progress don’t be hard on yourself for failure, there is no failure just the never ending journey of what it is to be human.

Love you all