Goodbye November!


To say that I am glad to see the end of this month would be an understatement. What started off as a great month quickly turned sour and full of injury, bad news and frustration. On top of that there were some issues with the blog that added a layer to my stress that I just didn’t need.

The cold weather hasn’t helped either and over all I’ve been tired, cold, sore and grumpy for nearly all of November.

It’s just one of those times. We all have them. When everything just seems to go wrong at once and then we get homesick or for realises sick.

The month started off well. Guy Fawkes at the start of the month and bonfire night was awesome. The atmosphere around the city and the suburbs was so much fun with fireworks going of everywhere every night for over a week. I’ve been making new friends here in London and although I’ve not been in the greatest mood it’s been a real salve being able to go out for dinner or a drink on the weekends.

It’s at times like these that I remind myself to take a little bit of my own advice and get on with the job of sorting my shit out without getting in to a spiral of negativity. Speaking to my sister is a big help and keeps me up beat. She always takes time to share videos of my nephew and the family with cheer me up immensely.

London you haven’t beaten me yet although I’m contemplating taking a few weeks of to go somewhere sunny in January. I need to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin again. Until then I’m going to remind myself that I’m doing my dream job in one of the greatest cities in the world.

Game on London, game on…