How to create drama where there is none.


Do you ever feel like the world is just against you, do you ever have a day that just spirals out of control as you get more and more frustrated. Does the day get worse the more frustrated you feel?

We all know people like this. Their lives are constantly full of drama and we all think, just calm down honey.

There have been plenty of times when I have had a bad day and without thinking I get in to an anger spiral that just makes things get worse and worse. As my frustration grows I get more and more flustered then things go wrong because I am not concentrating. I lose my keys, drop my wallet, bang my head and each time I get more and more angry until it loops around on itself. Anger and frustration cause me to not think clearly and not thinking clearly causes drama.

It’s been happening to me a lot lately and I’ve really had to focus on keeping the peace in my own head. Last week I lost my keys and then in a spiral of frustration lost my wallet, found my keys, lost my keys again, found my wallet, and got on the wrong train before I managed to calm myself down and breath.

Centring myself by taking a moment to have deep breath and calming my mind immediately brought about a change in the world around me. Things became clearer, people became friendlier, solutions became obvious and rather than spiralling out of control and making things worse everything became easy again.

I think that a lot of the people around me whose lives seem to be chaos or filled with drama get caught up in a cycle of reacting to problems they cause because they aren’t thinking clearly. They bounce around the drama in their lives like a giant pinball game reacting to everything but never taking control.

By taking control of your self and calming the moment you can break the cycle and clear your head. Drama I have learned breeds drama. We are always in control of our own reactions to the problems we face don’t allow the situation to control you.

Change the way you think and change your world.