Five things I do boost my happiness.



Five things I do to increase my happiness.

As someone who struggles with depression from time to time there are somethings that I do both big and small to help boost my happiness and my satisfaction with life. Day to day there are little things that I find help to boost my overall happiness and I have decided to share some of them with you.

    • Exersize, you don’t have to go to the gym. When I am feeling stressed out just going for a walk outside helps. The times when I have been happiest have also been the times when I have been the most active. Taking out a stressful day in a boxing class or spending some quiet time walking in the local park helps. You don’t even need to make time for it. Next time you are going to the shops try walking and taking some time out instead of driving.
    • Taking time out, is important when we are constantly being bombarded by work and life stresses. My favourite thing to to is put on a episode of Bobs Burgers or community and zone out for half an hour. Time out means TIME OUT, half an hour without my phone or laptop isn’t easy but it will allows to centre myself again and just slow down a little bit.
    • IMG_6245EAT, eat good real food. When I feel good I am happier. Good food keeps me alert and feeling good about myself. I’m not afraid of junk food either, junk food is yummy but all things must be taken in moderation. If I don’t let my self indulge my sweet tooth then I binge and that makes me feel guilty. All food is my friend in the right amounts.
    • Let it go, LET IT GO… queue the dancing snowman. Yeh there are things that piss me off, I’m no monk, but everyday I actively work towards letting the things that upset me go and I try not to put much guilt on myself when i mess up. Sometimes when I mess up I feel bad and then I make my self feel worse for not thinking positively, it’s stupid. I try to Slet it all go because when I do this I’m much happier.
    • Control my reactions. I surround myself with happy people. Grumpy, intense, rude people bring my happiness down so I avoid them. Life’s too short to let people bring my mood down so when these kinds of people come in to my life I remind myself that I am always in control of how I react and I always do my best to never let these people suck away my energy. Don’t let them live in your mind, they are not worth it.