A decent nights sleep.



After a month living out of my suitcase I’ve finally found a place to settle down. My soft landing in London turned in to skidding sideways crash when the accommodation I had planned before I arrived became unavailable.

Since then I have been bouncing from Airbnb’s to friends couches and then back to Airbnb’s. They have been comfortable enough but trying to find a place to live while working long days and trying to find a decent wifi connection isn’t easy. There is also the added pressure of only being able to do viewings on Saturdays.

If you are going to move to London understand it’s not easy. Finding a place to live here isn’t a small task. I think I was under the wrong impression because I found a place so quickly in a great house share last year, it only took me five days of proper searching. This time around it’s taken me nearly a month and many of the places I have seen are not places you would want to live. I never really noticed until I had to move to London that there are none of the high-rise apartment blocks that I see at home. There are very few new modern homes and much of the city is made up of old, run down Victorian terrace houses. Either you have to pay a lot of money for a small barely livable studio or share.

Many of the shares I visited were pseudo halfway houses run by estate agents with locks on the bedroom doors and communal bathrooms and kitchens, not like back home where joining a proper household is pretty easy. Some of the studios I looked at listed a single hot plate and a kettle as a “kitchen” and one place was barely wide enough for a single bed with a shower over the toilet.

It’s been a hard slog and to top it off the stress of it all gave me a cold and a nasty sore throat that I have finally begun to shake off. Moving around a lot is fine and normally I’m pretty well equipped mentally to deal with this kind of thing, I’ve always been a bit of a nomad but in the past I have always had somewhere secure that I could go back to if I needed to. Maybe it’s because I’m in a foreign country that I struggled so much with this feeling this time. In any case I’m properly back now and feeling much more like myself than I have in a long time.




Luckily my search is over and I have found a beautiful room in one of the leafy inner west suburbs of London. I have my own rose bush covered balcony and beautiful big windows with lots of natural light. It’s the perfect spot for a few cheeky selfies and to sit and write. Having an inspirational space is making a huge difference to my life at the moment.

There are some struggles that Im going to share with you in future posts but now that I have a place to put my head and get a decent nights sleep things are going to get a lot easier.