Singapore Airlines you complete me.

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It’s been a week now since I arrived in London and I’ve been super busy. Now that I have caught up on the jet lag I’m feeling pretty good. I flew over on the A380 for the first time which was fun and much more comfortable than the smaller planes I have taken in the past. I booked myself an exit row too which made the journey even better.

The first thing I noticed about flying Singapore was just how friendly and helpful all the crew were but checkin was a bit of a nightmare. I’m reluctant to let my camera gear out of my sight on the best of days so there was no way that I was going to be checking it in with my baggage. The problem was that my hand luggage was double the allowance because of my camera bag. I did however hatch a brilliant plan. Fortunately the weather in Melbourne was bordering on biblical as the Antarctic vortex pulled icy rain and wind up from the south. The result was that I was wearing a winter coat with pockets big enough to fill with batteries, chargers, lenses, card reader, GoPro, Card wallet and Speedlight. Then I popped my laptop down the back of my pants and shazam! Hand luggage now under 7kg LOL. As soon as my bags were checked in I wandered over to the food court and emptied my pockets back in to my camera bag making sure I was out of site of the desk.

I then boarded my flight and settled in the the exit row seat I had wisely paid an extra 50$ for. Were people jealous much? Hell yes!

I almost missed my connection in Singapore. I fell asleep in the lounge. You know when you wake up and for a moment you can tell something is wrong. I looked around and the part of the airport I was in was empty, then I noticed the glass doors to the terminal I was waiting outside of were open. It was at that point I got a real sinking feeling.

I had to run at a sprint through security and then down to my gate. The ground crew were cheering me on and as I ran down the aero bridge I could here the attendants calling for me. I was literally the last person to board the plane. They had already closed my door and I had to enter through the first class cabin LOL. Disaster averted… just.

Singapore airlines were awesome. I really enjoyed my flight with them. The food was good and the service was amazing. After 22 hours of dealing with a cabin full of stinky, grumpy travellers I would be ready to pull the airlock myself but these guys and girls were fantastic. I’d love to know how they keep their hair so freakin perfect the whole time.

It’s great to be back in London now and with the first week behind me It feels like I never left. More adventures will be coming stay tuned!