When you walk out in the bush aren’t you afraid of what you may walk into…

Hiking to Whitsunday peak.

Woohoo, todays mailbag comes from a blog buddy in the USA.

When you walk out in the bush aren’t you afraid of what you may walk into, I watch the discovery channel here in the states and there is some pretty mean critters in your country. Just curious. Or have you walked up on any?

Haha, yeh as an Aussie I have to admit I’m kind proud of how many of our animals can eat, bite, scratch and maul you. Even the Magpies will swoop you and give you a nasty head wound just for walking to the milkbar to buy a Paddlepop. But I don’t really think about it, my housemates psychotic cat is more of a danger to me.

Yes Australia is full of nasty creatures but you’re just as likely to get eaten by a croc walking around Melbourne as you are getting mauled by a bear in the middle of NYC. Australia is a big country and while there are Roo’s in the bushland where I live that can give you a broken rib if you get too close, safety in the bush is pretty common sense.

Snakes tend to sense your foot steps and slither away before you will ever even see them. I also avoid logs and rocks where nasty things could hide and bite me. I once woke up on a school camping trip to find a brown snake coiled up under our tent. The camp leader very quickly grabbed a shovel and before you could say “struth” had cut off it’s head.

Spiders are more scared of you than you are of them… mostly. I always carry a branch in front of me so I don’t walk in to any webs and to swat away flies. When I was living in Sydney a boy I was dating stayed over one night. We decided to go to bed and just as I turned the light on a huntsman spider the size of the palm of my hand crawled in my window and under my pillow. If we had gone to bed five mins later it would have been in bed with us. We had to tear my room apart to find it and then managed to trap it under a salad bowl which just made it really angry. The glass salad bowl and spider went out of the window of my first floor bedroom window a minute later.

Kangaroos can give you a nasty kick but if you don’t go running around threatening them they mostly hop away before you can get really close. I’ve come across Roo’s a couple of times out the back of my place. A good walking stick is handy but a couple of times I have had to wait or choose another path because a big Roo is staring me down.

Sharks in Australia are rare in the bush but around the beaches they tend to be most active around dawn and dusk or on cloudy days and after storms. When I was in Sydney the shark alarm at Bondi was a regular occurrence and I remember having a close encounter with one when I was sailing as a huge shark glided slowly beside and under the boat.

I have never run in to a Croc but when we sailed up the river to Maryborough and had to moor the boat I was told I couldn’t get in the water because there were Crocs around. The only place I could go swimming was in a damn that was designed specifically to keep Crocs out.


Hiking Hunter Island
Walking on Fraser island.