A new jockstrap challenge!


Hey guys, it’s warm and sunny here in Melbourne and summertime means there’s more opportunity for outdoor Shannonigans, so let’s get stuck in to a new Jockstrap challenge.

Last time I was on trains, in building sites, playing tennis and all kinds of other situations.

The rules are…

Any non porny jockstrap picture you take of yourself and send in to the blog I’LL MATCH. C’mon boys, dare me!

-Leave a comment below and dare me to whip out my jockstrap in a situation or location of your choosing and I’ll do my best to take a picture of myself doing it on the main blog plus a little bit extra for the members section.

-Nothing that will get me arrested.

That’s it!

Anybody who wants to join in can send their pictures to


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Just check the members section for your discount code.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 10.12.26 am