When is a Jockstrap not a Jockstrap?


When is a Jockstrap not a Jockstrap?

The Answer… When it’s also a G-string. I won’t call it a thong, all good Aussies know thongs go on your feet not up your crack.

Lately it seems that quite a few underwear labels have been trying to reinvent the Jockstrap. There are lots of new variations with fancy names like “butt lifting technology” and “form shaping fit”. A lot of them just feel like a sales gimmick. I imagine a designer sitting in a cubicle thinking to himself “wow we can put an extra strap there, that’s never been done before”.

It’s no secret that I have never been a fan of a G-string. For my tastes they look too feminine on a man and they feel plain uncomfortable, it’s like flossing your butt hole. Why would I wear underwear that I had to constantly pull out of my crack.

Enter my Irish friend and his suggestion that I try on a jockstrap he had ordered online. At first I was skeptical when I saw the design. The extra straps and the G string down the back looked just a tad uncomfortable but after promising to try on a pair of mine his ploy was a success.

I was very pleasantly surprised and doubly impressed that the colors chosen were rather conservative leaving the design to speak for itself. For me when selecting underwear comfort has always been king and style comes second. It’s not a coincidence that the two often are linked. I prefer cotton spandex blends and natural fibres over some of the tackier materials.

I really like these. They feel good because they tickle rather than chafe in the right places. I think it has something to do with the slightly wider strap in your crack ( I added that just because it rhymes hehe ) and I really like the way they look. Sadly I can’t tell you the brand because they have no label and my friend couldn’t remember the site where he found them, but the moral of the story it seems is that even if you’re not sure at first about a pair of new underwear try them on if you can. You never know what you are going to get until you see your goods wrapped in them!