I’m back guys, sorry about the break.

I have just come to the end of my contract and now I have my time back to myself again. My work which was consuming all of my time and energy came to an end yesterday and while it has been an incredible journey and hugely rewarding, it has come at the expense of the blog and my time for writing.

London has been treating me well even if the weather has getting steadily worse. It’s said that we are in for one hell of a winter with torrential wind and rain. I’m not looking forward to it at all. I have some very serious decisions to make over the next week about whether I will stay here or go home for the summer. After working so hard I feel like it’s time to reward myself but what form that reward will take I’m not so sure of.

As for the last six months, I will miss the sweetness of the chaos and the challenge every day brought. Despite that, I am happy to have some time now to rest, focus on my fitness and just get some sleep.

When I arrived here it was in anticipation of a grand adventure and it has turned in to one of the most physically demanding and emotionally testing times of my life. This was never going to be a holiday for me. After struggling for so long freelancing there is a kind of satisfaction coming to the end and knowing that I have achieved my goals and possibly a little bit more too. It’s the kind of feeling you have when you know there have been hard days where you thought you would fall apart, quit or fail but stuck it out. Then you reach the peak and all the world stands before you and your smile spreads from ear to ear.

With life being about work and not a whole lot of play over the last month there is not much to report other than topping up my underwear drawer with two new jockstraps and some new briefs. Im also planning some adventures for the next month before it gets too cold including a trip out to Stonehenge. It would be nice to have a fellow adventurer to come along with me so if you are keen shoot me an email at:

So now that I’m back on deck and ready to share again you can email me at the address below. I’m looking for some inspiration so if you have questions or ideas for articles fire them at me.