It’s alive!

Photo 4

My Camera is back from the dead. After falling and bouncing over 30 feet it turned out that my poor camera was repairable, a true testament to the durability of the MKII and the great team over at Canon have returned it to me almost as good as new. I say almost with a small amount of affection because the date and time setting no longer works and the shutter groans a little louder than it used to. It’s like a battle scar that is a little part of the  camera and my story. It’s as though the camera is saying “oh no, not you again” each time I press the shutter.

As a photographer losing my camera was like losing a limb. I don’t get that attached to objects but my camera is so much more than that. It’s like a piece of me, a beloved pet or a child. If I couldn’t take pictures anymore then I don’t know what I would do with myself. Taking pictures relaxes me, de-stresses my mind and keeps my hands busy rather than masturbating all the time.