I’m in mourning…

Alas my camera died last Thursday while I was working and I have been in mourning ever since.

I think only a photographer can really know what it feels like when you camera dies. It’s like losing a part of you. Imagine how you feel when you lose your phone and then times that by a thousand.

It died in style though, launching itself out of my backpack to fall 15ft down the ladder I was climbing only to bounce off some scaffolding and fall another 10ft to the floor below. On the report I listed the cause of the damage as “high impact collision with floor”. The 300mm lens that was attached to the camera also bounced across the room as the echo of my cameras death meant that the construction crew turned from their fork lifts and electric drills to see what the noise was.

As I picked my poor camera up from the floor in what can only be described as shock the power was still on and my poor camera shutter was still stuttering as it gasped the last of it’s life away.

It was at that point that I stopped thinking. I was numb!

So much of my identity over that past few years has been all to do with my camera. It’s been a huge part of my life and much of the reason why I am in London today. To lose it in such sudden and violent circumstances was shocking. It was like losing a piece of myself, I can only imagine it to be like a musician losing their instrument or a sports person tearing their lucky underwear.

I’m in mourning for my camera. It’s been sent to Canon but the 5D MKII is well known for it’s durability and I split mine in half, not a good sign.

So in memory of my camera here is a little tribute to some of the adventures we have had together.

Rest in peace my dearest friend.

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