Swimwear review. Little Rok my Star swimmer.


Todays swimwear review is for the My Swim Star Swimmer from a new brand I discovered on Instagram called Little Rok. I have seen a lot of superhero themed swimwear around but as soon as I saw these I wanted a pair. To say they were an impulse buy would be an understatement, as soon as I saw them I had to have them.

Would I buy them again? Hell yes. They are fucking cool!

It’s clear from the website that the brand is aimed at the super buff but the sign of a good swimmer is if it can look good on anyone. The Polyester/ Elastan blend is light and comfortable and stretches nicely without being loose, although if you’re smaller than a size 30 waist you will need a booty butt to fill them out. The colours are bright and clean and the Captain America motif looks sexy as hell. I’m totally saving these for a special occasion because at a heart jumping 49 euros (about $65 USD ) they are not cheap and I have yet to see how durable they are.

Of course I’ll let you be the judge of how good they look and if you want to see some more eye candy go over and visit them here


Want to see more of my Little Rok? click here for a closer look 😛