So what happens now?


Well it’s been nearly three months since I moved to London and it’s obvious that the adjustment has been much harder than I had planned and the blog is suffering.

I’m so busy and so tired most of the time that blogging is the last thing on my mind. Constantly creating new content is not easy but when I am exhausted it is nearly impossible. A combination of fourteen hour days and very little personal time have steadily sucked all of the inspiration from me. My shortness of free time has also meant that I’m not feeling particularly fit or inspired by my workouts at the moment.

Fortunately there is a chance to catch up. I’m now in the second week of a four week break from work. I spent all of last week just sitting around and enjoying some time to do nothing. I ate ice-cream in the bathtub, had dinner with friends and did a lot of sleeping in. But I can’t keep neglecting the blog which is still such and important part of my life or the members who have continued to show their support despite the lack of posts.

I’m finally getting my career on track which has been something I have been working towards for a very long time but happiness will continue to be illusive if a can’t balance it with the rest of my life. Work is a huge personal priority for me as I start to seriously work towards building my future, Living “la vida loca” wasn’t going to last forever. Dealing with the changes to my lifestyle and the amount of time I have to devote to the other things that are important to me is proving to be a huge challenge.

The future of the blog is something that I am going to have to seriously think about over the next couple of weeks. Can I maintain my enthusiasm for it? Can I maintain the level of new content I need? Is it time to finish the Sealed section? Do I want to continue to put myself out there or is it time to retire gracefully?