Gay 101. To tattoo or not to tattoo?


There have been a few times lately when I have considered getting a tattoo. Each time the decision has been ‘no’ but with many of the fashionable Gays sporting body art nowadays it’s hard not to feel like I am a step behind.

You only need to jump online or head to a club to see that expressing individuality by decorating our bodies is fashionable at the moment but tattoos are permanent and when the fashion pendulum swings back again as it inevitably does will they still be considered hot.

I’ll be honest, I really want a tattoo. Something hot that looks cool. I want it because a tattoo looks masculine and if I can’t have a five o’clock shadow then I can have a tattoo. I want a tattoo because all the cool kids I know have them and all my friends have them.

There’s just one really big problem…

I don’t like pain.

Actually there is more to it than that and I thought I might share my thoughts incase any of you out there are also thinking about getting a tattoo.

Why am I doing this?

Why am I really thinking about getting a tattoo? Sometimes I see another guy with one and I think damn he looks hot with that tat. But I don’t just want to get the same thing.

What happens when I change my mind? No matter how cool it looks when I’m in the mood, what happens when I’m not in the mood anymore and I look at my body and the marks on it, will I regret the decision?

It might look good now while things are still firm and bouncy but how will it look when I’m sixty and faded and saggy?


Right now when I look at my body I see to marks, and no piercings. Even my hair is back to it’s natural color. I go to the gym but I have never touched a steroid. I am as I was made, undecorated and unadorned and I like it. I like that my body is natural and people often compliment me on my skin. I have fought my own issues about my appearance for a long time. I’ve have gone up and down the scale of self love to self hate all my life and I have arrived at this simple conclusion,

Just like I did away with coloring my hair as an exercise in accepting who I am, keeping my skin clear because my body is what it is and doesn’t need a tattoo is also important to me. My individuality is just as intact without a tattoo as it might be with.

If you want a tattoo and find something that is meaningful to you then there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for it. I’m not passing any judgments for or against but for me the decision is no… for the time being.

However you choose to express yourself remember to do it for yourself. You’re already a unique work of art.