Gay 101. Finding the balance between work and play.


I’ve written about having a good work, life balance before but never before I have been struggling with it so badly myself. My work life balance over the past few months has been very VERY unbalanced and over the last two weeks I’ve been looking at the reasons why.

I’ve come up with the following;

1 – New focus and new goals. For a long time I have been working towards establishing my career and now that I have begun to make serious progress towards this goal the success has been self motivating in itself and more and more of my time has been dedicated to it. I knew that I would be making sacrifices but now I see just how important those things were to my happiness.

2 – I’m not making the most of my time off. The precious little time that I do have to myself isn’t being used the way that I would like to use it. I’m sleeping in, procrastinating on the couch and this means that I’m not feeling like I have had any real fun to hang out with my friends.

3 – I’m not managing my time properly. I always say that if you don’t make time you will never have time. If you really want to get something done then you have to make the time for it and eventually it will just become part of your regular day.

4 – I thrive on routine, and when I don’t have one I fall apart. I actually don’t deal with change as well as some people might think and the way that I cope is by filling my routine with familiar things like working out and blogging.

The result of these things is that while I am feeling productive in my work life my home life is feeling wasted and unproductive. So what am I going to do about it?

In the past there are strategies that I have used to realign my work life balance.

1 – Keep a diary. I keep a diary for work but in the past organizing my social life and blog articles using a diary has helped me to keep track of what I’m doing and when. Setting out what I am going to do for the week helps me feel more in control and gives me a schedule to avoid procrastinating. It also means that I can be more effective about choosing the activities that are going to make me feel the most content with how I’m using my time, and it will help me re-establish my routine.

2 – Prioritizing spending time with family and friends on my days off. The danger of being career or work focussed is that on days off I tend to allow work to creep in. Making sure that time off is actual time off is important for avoiding the kind of mental exhaustion that I have been feeling lately. Drinking, eating and socializing with the people I care about  is one of the key ways that I can unwind mentally.

3 – Pick the right kinds of “Fun” that are going to make me feel happy not just good. Going out and getting drunk or worse and having to spend the rest of my weekend recovering doesn’t actually contribute to my happiness. Rather than trying to fit more in to my time off I’m going to work on improving the quality of what I do with my time off, laying in bed all day with a hangover is a waste of a day.

Life is a constant work in progress. Sometimes the things we want come with an unexpected price tag but then I always did like a challenge.

Happiness and abundance to you all my friends.