Confidence +3


Shazam! This week I got a stat boost of awesome proportions.

It’s no question that one of my biggest problems when it’s come to my photography is that I lack confidence in my work. I’m not talking about my selfies, I’m talking about the more serious work that I do. My belief in my ability took some big hits about a year and a half ago and it’s taken a long time for me to rebuild it.

Being here in London has given me the chance to work with some very accomplished photographers and having the chance to look at their work has given me more confidence in my own. One of the things that I always struggled with was the idea that to be awesome you had to be getting it right every time, that the great photographers around me always knew what they were doing. It’s not true.

It’s not true, not because they aren’t as good as I thought. It’s not true because they are not afraid to take a chance or experiment and make mistakes. Watching one photographer in the studio play with lighting, make changes and experiment has been illuminating. Observing other photographers making the same choices I make and struggle with the same questions I struggle with has been awesome.

Being told by one of the top ten photographers in field to never be afraid to ask questions was surprising. Back home I was surrounded all the time by photographers but very few of them were willing to share their knowledge and experience. I seem to have struck on a knot of incredibly generous people who are not only willing to share but who are also at the top of the game. I am incredibly lucky.

My own photography skills had stagnated. As somebody who is self taught I had reached a point where there was nothing else I could learn without the help of a more experienced and talented mentor. I always knew that if I was going to progress I would need to head to London, New York or Berlin and it was scary.

As talented and as accomplished as we think we are nobody can possibly know everything, the guys I work with tell me everyday that there is always more to learn and I hope I never stop.