So the last week was particularly stressful, made more so by my search for a place to live. Trying to find a new home and people you actually want to live with in a foreign country is not easy. It’s been so stressful moving around peoples couches and going out to look at apartments that I have had no energy to write.

I wanted to find a place to live that was somewhere between work and the city but which was not too busy. After spending almost three weeks with my friends in Vauxhall which is one of the Gayest burbs of London I decided that I didn’t want to just fall back in to the party life again. I’m really here to focus on my work and also want to avoid the triggers for my depression.

Renting in London is fecking expensive and after searching online for a place of my own I quickly realized that the only way to get something decent was to share. I originally didn’t want to share because I am working long hours and I don’t want to come back to a house full of partying housemates. Finding the right people to live with was the key.

Many of the places I looked at that were in my price range were awful. Halfway houses run by dinky estate agents or worse. One apartment advertised for 800 pounds a month was nothing more than a room no bigger than your average bathroom with a single bed, shower and hot plate. Others were not much better.

Luckily I found a great place in my budget and not too far from work or the city. It’s so good to be able to settle in and finally feel like I have a home somewhere. London didn’t really feel real until now.