Lick my Lycra…



So I was rummaging around in my gear collection looking for items to sell and my red Adidas suit popped to the top of the pile. I can’t explain what it is about the lycra that I find so arousing but I couldn’t resist putting it on. I could never part with it. Have you ever had a piece of gear that makes you hard just wearing it? I think it goes back to my speedo fetish days. The feel of the material is very similar. The suit moves over the body so nicely and stretches like a second skin. It’s very erotic. I have a blue suit as well which I wear sometimes when I go cycling. It’s so close to being nude that a jockstrap is compulsory for underneath.

Sports gear is a huge fetish for many Gay guys all around the world. I think it’s the romanticism that we attach to sports and the visions of virile sweaty men that those fantasies inspire but I think that a fetish for sports gear goes deeper than just acting out gladiatorial fantasies. When I put on a jockstrap or a speedo I slip in to beast mode. It feels sexy, like all the testosterone of my sexy athletic ancestors is channelling through me. The smell of Speedos and chlorine always evokes the memories of being young and on the verge of discovering my sexuality in the locker rooms and changerooms at school and the local pool. To this day the smell of chlorine on a guys skin still makes me thirsty.

So after playing around for a bit I ended up wandering around the house wearing them and even wore them during my workout. In the end I was so pleased with myself that I fired up photo booth on the Mac and busted out a… few photos.


And what happens when the lights go out? redlycra020