Work hard and go home.


Phew, I knew this week was going to be hard work but I had no idea how hard. Nine hours everyday of total activity, not a single break. Mentally I am exhausted but it’s great training for April when I’ll be heading away overseas to work in Europe.

I guess that I have always been able to work my own hours and take time to do the things I want to do amongst the things I need to do. No time for that anymore hehe. I have to grow up now and start to make something of myself.

Fortunately I have been living hand to mouth for nearly five years and thats been great motivation. Somebody told me that if you haven’t achieved your goal it’s because you haven’t been working on it long enough. I’m not so sure about that. I guess it depends on how you look at it. Persistence is important although I will admit that there have been plenty of times when I have just given up and said, fuck it. Dreams die hard however and the loss of motivation is always short lived.

The fires from the roof of my house.
The fires from the roof of my house.

The sunshine up here on the Goldcoast is awesome, not like the heatwave back home. They have had searing heat and bushfires. The fires have been close to my house and the some of my friends, luckily they didn’t cause any damage but others have not been so lucky.

I’m really excited to get home in a few days and take some pitures of the blackened landscape.

The guys up here are stunning but I already told you that. I’ve had some time to sample the local talent and I must say it’s been impressive hehe.

I’m sorry this week has been a bit light on posts but it’s been a crazy week. Back to normal next week though.

In the meantime enjoy a couple of the snaps from the Hotel hook up post. Members get the full set so check out the sealed section for membership details.