It’s resolutions time again.

shutterstock_62795851What were last years resolutions and what will this years be?

Set aside the “new me champion talk” and really think about what’s going to be important to you for 2014.

Let’s make 2014s resolutions really mean something. Instead of saying I want to be buffer, let’s say I want to be healthier, instead of saying I want to get a boyfriend, let’s say I want to be ready to accept love, instead of saying I want to make more money let’s say I want to have more abundance in my life, instead of saying I want to be happy, let’s say I want to be kinder to myself.

New years resolutions are often the window dressing for our real feelings about what’s going on in our lives. It’s easy to say I want more money but if you really want your resolution to work I think you need to go deeper. At least that’s what I’m going to try in 2014. Will it work? I have no Idea but one of the things that I learned in 2013 is that I need to go much deeper to really find what I want.


Last year I created this vision board and by the middle of the year had achieved quite a lot. I still felt like a failure though because most of what I had done was tainted by self destruction. The book that I felt could have been much better, the relationship that I failed at, the new job that turned out to be a huge disappointment, the travel that was a result of my need to escape my problems for a while and so on. On paper my year was a success but the reality was much different because there are much more serious underlying problems in my life that no amount of “checklist box ticking” will fix.

So what will my resolutions for 2014 be?

I want to be kinder to myself.

I am my own harshest critique but I’m not just hard on myself when things go wrong I’m hard on myself all the time. I bully myself over failures, looks and my abilities so much so that it triggers my depression. Being kinder to myself this year means that I am going to treat myself with a gentler hand. I’m going to try to trust in my abilities more and stop comparing myself to others so much. Being kinder to myself also means not seeing myself as having nothing to offer and trusting that others don’t see me as having nothing to offer.  


One of the toughest things about depression is the isolation so this year I am going to pay more attention to my friends. Not just the hangers on but the friends who have really been there for me when through the last year. There are those without whom this year would have been almost impossible to bare and I’m going to make more time to stay in contact with them.

So those are my resolutions for this year,

I think they will make this year easier if I can stick too them.

What are your 2014 resolutions?