Woohoo for Tom.


“Tom never labels himself as Gay”

So Tom Daley has told the world via Youtube that he is in a relationship with a man. While the online world goes mad with lust, happy congratulations and mass debate the simplest truth here is that a young man has found love and the confidence to share that with the world. It’s a very personal sharing and a sharing that will effect the lives of many people to come.

In all the “Tom Daley is Gay” hysteria there is one very important thing not too forget. Tom never labels himself as gay. His announcement is heart felt and emotional but at the heart of it he is “Tom” and he is in a relationship with a man.

One day we won’t need to make announcements like this but in the meantime Woohoo for Tom, we’re all happy (and just a little bit jealous) that you have found someone special no matter what their plumbing is like.