Buy my swimmers and jocks.


I’ve been asked many times to sell my used swimwear but my swimwear and underwear fetish has always meant that I’ve been reluctant to part with my collection no matter how old or ragged they may be.

But with a move overseas looming on the horizon I have decided that I not only need to simplify my life but also reduce my collection to a more manageable level.

Over the next few months I’ll be selling some of the items in my swimwear collection. There will be some old and some new items there but all of them will have been featured on the blog.

Items will be sold directly via the blog and paid for using PAYPAL only.

The first three pairs going up for grabs are my blue 2Eros swimmers, white and purple Aqux, and red and white 2Eros swim briefs. Keep an eye out for their listings very soon.

You can check out whats up for sale by clicking on the “Buy my jocks and swimmers” tab in the homepage menu.