My 30 day body blast.

Whilst being away from the pressure of the gym for two months has allowed me to take a break and let my hair down, I’ve also been enjoying my new perspective on my body image and what I want to achieve. I am still keen to maintain my fitness and physical health but after so much time off it would be unwise to dive back in to the gym and blast out the weights.

I am living in the outer suburbs of Melbourne now and getting to the gym has become difficult at best. I’m also trying to save money at the moment for a move to the UK next year so it makes sense to me to find other ways of exercising that will help me get the results I want without the need for a gym. So I have decided to begin with a 30 day body blast. Like the 30 day squat challenge I did earlier in the year the 30 day body blast will get slowly more intense each day and will be a combination of a few different 30 day challenges that I have found worked really well for me.

If you want to join in the 30 day body blast you can see the exercises below. The purpose of the 30 body blast is to rebuild my strength and tone after my break in preparation for a more intense workout for Summer.

For novices I would suggest sticking to the program as it is. Make sure that you rest when it’s scheduled but also if you start to feel sore or suffer an injury. Speak to a personal trainer or doctor if you are unsure. You don’t have to complete the full number of reps in one go. I would suggest breaking them down in to 3 sets with a couple of minutes break in between.

For a slight variation I will be doing 3 sets for the pushup component. For example day 1 will be 3 sets of 15 push ups, day 2 will be 3 sets of 16 and so on.

I’m looking forward to this a lot and seeing the results. Hopefully you will enjoy it too.

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