Gay 101. Taking back control of your life from Facebook and other distractions.


Part of my strategy for over coming my depression and conquering my feelings of negativity and isolation has been to wrest back control of my life from things like Facebook and Grindr.

Having to ration my Internet use whilst at sea has really made me see just how much of my life was being sucked out by social media and the mesmerizing voyeurism of watching other peoples lives online rather than living my own.

Instead of sitting in front of Facebook mindlessly until midnight every night I have been able to devote that time to more fulfilling pursuits. Give me half an hour sitting on the deck watching the sun set over half an hour on Grindr any day!

IMG_5735All the extra time has given me enough freedom to learn how to play the Ukulele, tie a few knots, learn a little about sailing and read. It’s also given me the time to really appreciate where I am and to be inspired by photography and the landscape around me again. Old habits die hard but the key is to replace them with better more fulfilling ones.

Learning and doing new things has also had the added bonus of helping feel that sense of accomplishment that I was missing and is building my confidence again.

I still indulge when I am in port. I’m still very firmly in love with blogging, but now when I decide to login to FB, or Grindr they no longer have such a strong hold over me because I have found other more fulfilling things to do. That’s the trick, get out in the world and you will see that it’s a fun place to be. It’s much more fun meeting hot guys than it is stalking them online.